Slashdot article on Bugzilla on Windows

Gervase Markham gerv at
Sat Dec 4 21:14:37 UTC 2004

slipandfall asks: "I just started work at a 100% Windows shop (no chance 
of changing this) and would love to implement Bugzilla for issue 
tracking but statements like this - 'Making Bugzilla work on Windows is 
still a painful processes.' in the OS-Specific installation notes don't 
make it seem reasonable. Since there is no chance of using Linux/UNIX 
here, can I get people's experiences using Bugzilla on Windows or 
experience with a tool (open source or not) on Windows with similar 
notification, discussion and issue tracking features?"

Leaving aside the stupidity of asking on Slashdot when he could have 
asked in the newsgroup, we need to remove that silly piece of text from 
the tip docs, as it's no longer true.

However, it's also a useful opportunity to get people's feedback on 
Bugzilla and other tracking systems. I'll go through the comments and 
post a summary soon.


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