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David Miller justdave at
Sun Aug 8 16:08:25 UTC 2004

Gervase Markham wrote:

> If we need cash for something, let's have a PayPal (or similar) account, 
> plug it on the website, and also start responding to those requests with 
> a polite pointer at the URL.

We are plugging a PayPal account from our website.  It belongs to the 
Mozilla Foundation, and it's their generic donate link.  I've been 
trying (unsuccessfully so far) to get something set up where they can 
track how many of those donations are because of Bugzilla.  If we do our 
own PayPal setup without going through the Foundation, we lose the 
tax-exemptness of the donations.

> But, as Myk says, what do we need cash for? Are we trying to do a Perl 
> and hire a developer?

I think the Bugzilla project could use a full-time administrator 
(whether that winds up being me or not).  I've had a hell of a time 
trying to keep up with everything, and I've barely been touching any 
code at all outside of things specifically requested by employers.  Just 
ask folks how impossible it is to get approvals on patches these days. 
I don't even read most of my bugmail anymore unless someone mentions my 
name in the comment (I have a filter in Thunderbird which labels the 
messages when it sees that), and that's really making me feel out of 
touch with the project.

Barring enough money to do that, others have suggested that we offer 
bounties on the features that we all agree we want, but nobody wants to 
work on.

Dave Miller      Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System   

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