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David W. Taylor dtaylor at
Fri Apr 30 19:52:15 UTC 2004

In an effort to make things simpler now and down the road, I will begin 
researching another name for the support system. The legal questions 
aside, I would want to respect Mozilla's branding and not confuse users. 

Thanks for your feedback Gerv.

David Taylor

On Fri, 30 Apr 2004, Gervase Markham wrote:

> David W. Taylor wrote:
> > Furthermore, if there is no objection from Mozilla I would like 
> > to use the name "SupportZilla" to play on the Mozilla, Bugzilla, 
> > Issuezilla theme. 
> Aside from any technical issues, I would recommend against this. The 
> company which owns the Godzilla trademark, Toho, has given 
> legal trouble in the past. We have come to an agreement which covers our 
> use of "zilla" names, but no-one else's. We can't offer any protection 
> to other projects who decide to use such a name.
> Even if that weren't true, we'd ask you not to use the name anyway. 
> We've learnt from experience that people assume that any product called 
> something-zilla is made by us, and we get support requests for it.
> So for those reasons, it would be good if you chose a different name.
> Gerv
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