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John P. Fisher john.fisher at
Fri Apr 30 16:54:22 UTC 2004

David, its a little early to mention this, but I already have such a ( 
trouble ticket ) system running at my company.

I wrote it, and there is a good chance my company would allow me to release 
it under an Open Source license.
Based on a quick look at your specs:

It conforms to all of your requirements, except:
1) it needs some speed optimization to reach your scaling goals ( I have 
6000 tickets, but few users )
2) the 'customer' connection is not being used yet, so that area is a 
little buggy
3) some of the statistical data you require would have to be added to the 
screens, however its all available
4) my design document is wildly out of date

It exceeds your requirements by:
Connects to your Bugzilla installation so tickets can refer to bug reports. 
( need not be run on same machine as Bugzilla)
Customers can generate their own new logins, once they have been given a 
customer-admin login
Logins are generated manually by in-house engineers, or automatically by 
supplying the customer with a key and URL.
Support for paid customer support
Customers can only create/search/see their own tickets
Support for multiple customer contracts within a single customer organization
FAQ with automated generation of new faq items from closed tickets
Notification by email on various changes to ticket status
Crude ( but effective) templatization of html
no plaintext passwords in db, the only plaintext passwords are present once 
in insecure http calls when the password is set.
( the next layer of security improvement requires HTTPS  and the addition 
of taint mode )
Logging of user hits
CSV reports ftp'd to users

my system runs on perl not PHP, Apache and MySQL.

Contact me with any questions. I'd be interested in working on a PHP 
version, too.

At 05:38 PM 4/29/2004, you wrote:
>I would like to start building a web based technical support system based
>on the current Bugzilla code.

John P. Fisher
at ZNYX Networks
805  683 1488  x 3245
john.fisher at

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