A set of issues.

Vijayan.R.A.Reddy vijayan.reddy at tavant.com
Tue Sep 30 16:46:58 UTC 2003

Hello folks,

We have a few questions on Bugzilla.

1) The Bugzilla (talking about 2.16.3), doesnt have a way to define
roles, and to restrict roles pertaining to States. Something like a QA
Role should not move a bug to "RESOLVED" state. Is there a way to
implement this (NO. not through setting "can edit a bug" off... I need
my QA to edit the bug if they need to add more description after filing
a bug).

Is there a way to do it without changing the code ?

2) Is there a way by which we can configure the workflow of the bug ?
I have done it through changing the code. But we require defining
different workflows on product basis, including the states and the state
transformations. Is it possible, again without changing the code ?

3) Has anyone tried having multiple instances of Bugzilla running, each
for a different group {something like that} and have these Bugzilla's in
sync. Like moving issues from one bugzilla to another, where they have
two different databases { really, that's my requirement :) }

I am going to write some code to do that. So any help from someone who
tried it would be helpful

Thanks in advance,

Vijayan. R.A. Reddy.

91 80-5119 0203.
91 80-3184 3944 (Mobile)

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