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Jonathan Schatz jon at
Thu Sep 18 21:58:06 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 02:27, Martin Kirk wrote:
> Does anyone have a suggestion as to what is the best way to set up Bugzilla 
> to send a copy of all new/changed mail messages to a default mail address? 
> I have tried adding a hardcoded address into the newchangedmail template 
> parameter, but that causes it to get sevaral copies of the message as it is 
> sent with a slightly different %reasonsbody% to different recipients. I 
> think what I need is to be able to have a default cc mail address whish is 
> always selected. IS this possible?


in Bugzilla/, look for this line:

	foreach my $person ( @allEmail ) {

before it, add something like this:

	push @allEmail, 'your at';

then, inside of the foreach loop (after all of the push() calls), add

	push(@reasons, 'Default CC Recipient') if ($person eq
'your at');

finally, look for this loop:

	foreach my $reason (@reasons) {	

and in that block of if()/elsif(), add one more line like:

	} elsif ($reason eq "Default CC Recipient") {
		$reasonbody .= "You are receiving this mail because you are the
default CC recipient";

and that should do it.

here, I wrote a subscription functionality for bugzilla, where you can
subscribe to new/changed bugs on a per product/component basis, and
that's kind of how we integrated it into

note that this is from a forked from approximately 8 months
ago; this module may totally have changed since then, so YMMV. also,
this won't work correctly if that email address you want everything sent
to is also in bugzilla currently (that email will always receive email
for the same reason that you defined before)..


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