Charting worked/remaining hours per product/component/developer

Andreas Höfler andreas.hoefler at
Mon Sep 8 16:07:23 UTC 2003


I'd just like to know if or how it would be possible to generate charts 
which show:
- how many remaining hours a product/component has
- how many remaining/worked hours a developer has

I tried to expand the reports-mechanism to allow "estimated_time" and 
but the result is a bit "strange":
- For every seperate "estimated_time"-value there is a own bar... ie. a 
1-height bar for 1 hours
  a 3-height bar for 2 hours a 0-height bar for 4 hours and so on, 
depending on how many of the found
  bugs have a guess with this value. Not quite the result I expected...

How can I use the Bugzilla::Search package to get the results into a 
data-set which meets my
The only thing which were to to, would be to add a SUM(...) to the 
y-component and a
GROUP BY to the x-element... (I think)

I doubt that my current approach (enabling the fields in reports.cgi) 
can work in a decent manner,
so most probably a new template has to be created.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
 Andreas Höfler

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