cygwin vs activestate...

Julian Mehnle lists at
Sun Oct 26 11:21:15 UTC 2003

Jason Pyeron <jpyeron at> wrote:
> I am just asking to be flamed here but in light of several ActiveState
> only errors and cygwin now capability to install a tiny perl setup.
> Should we look into cygwin?
> it uses less disk space.
>  34MB vs 56MB
> it does not have activestates quirks bugs for win32
>  bugs 129401, 143490, 154601, 183753, 185330, etc...

These are valid arguments.

> it is posix compliant and acts like it is on linux
>  ActiveState's Perl  functions which act differently:
>   "-X", "binmode", "chmod", "chown", "chroot", "crypt", "dbmclose",
>   "dbmopen", "dump", "endgrent", "endhostent", "endnetent", "endpro-
>   toent", "endpwent", "endservent", "exec", "fcntl", "flock", "fork",
>   "getgrent", "getgrgid", "gethostent", "getlogin", "getnetbyaddr",
>   "get- netbyname", "getnetent", "getppid", "getprgp", "getpriority",
>   "getpro- tobynumber", "getprotoent", "getpwent", "getpwnam",
>   "getpwuid", "get- servbyport", "getservent", "getsockopt", "glob",
>   "ioctl", "kill", "link", "lstat", "msgctl", "msgget", "msgrcv",
>   "msgsnd", "open", "pipe", "readlink", "rename", "select", "semctl",
>   "semget", "semop", "setgrent", "sethostent", "setnetent", "setpgrp",
>   "setpriority", "set- protoent", "setpwent", "setservent",
>   "setsockopt", "shmctl", "shmget", "shmread", "shmwrite", "socket",
>   "socketpair", "stat", "symlink", "syscall", "sysopen", "system",
>   "times", "truncate", "umask", "unlink", "utime", "wait", "waitpid"

This is an invalid argument.  Most of these functions work differently (from Linux) on CygWin as well.  Win32 simply isn't Linux.

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