cygwin vs activestate...

Jason Pyeron jpyeron at
Sun Oct 26 11:08:47 UTC 2003

I am just asking to be flamed here but in light of several ActiveState 
only errors and cygwin now capability to install a tiny perl setup.

Should we look into cygwin?

it uses less disk space. 
 34MB vs 56MB

it does not have activestates quirks bugs for win32
 bugs 129401, 143490, 154601, 183753, 185330, etc...

it is posix compliant and acts like it is on linux
 ActiveState's Perl  functions which act differently:
  "-X", "binmode", "chmod", "chown", "chroot", "crypt", "dbmclose",
  "dbmopen", "dump", "endgrent", "endhostent", "endnetent", "endpro-
  toent", "endpwent", "endservent", "exec", "fcntl", "flock", "fork",
  "getgrent", "getgrgid", "gethostent", "getlogin", "getnetbyaddr", "get-
  netbyname", "getnetent", "getppid", "getprgp", "getpriority", "getpro-
  tobynumber", "getprotoent", "getpwent", "getpwnam", "getpwuid", "get-
  servbyport", "getservent", "getsockopt", "glob", "ioctl", "kill",
  "link", "lstat", "msgctl", "msgget", "msgrcv", "msgsnd", "open",
  "pipe", "readlink", "rename", "select", "semctl", "semget", "semop",
  "setgrent", "sethostent", "setnetent", "setpgrp", "setpriority", "set-
  protoent", "setpwent", "setservent", "setsockopt", "shmctl", "shmget",
  "shmread", "shmwrite", "socket", "socketpair", "stat", "symlink",
  "syscall", "sysopen", "system", "times", "truncate", "umask", "unlink",
  "utime", "wait", "waitpid"

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