The Bugzilla website needs an overhaul

David Miller justdave at
Tue Oct 21 04:58:54 UTC 2003

This has been on the back-burner for a long time (I have extremely
unfinished prototype pages in a local directory here that are almost a year
old), but given the focus-shift of Mozilla, and their upcoming site
overhaul, we should really get moving on this so we don't taint's image. ;)  For as much as we act like an independent entity,
we are still a product, and they even grace us with a link to
our website right on their main page as of a couple months ago.

We need to redo the website along the same design
philosophy...  i.e. the main page should make it very easy for people to
find out what Bugzilla is, where to get it, and where to go for more

Design goals:

We need distinct areas of the site for:
 * Marketing Info - stuff for folks who are considering using Bugzilla
 * Administrators - stuff for folks who get to admin a Bugzilla installation
 * Developers - stuff for people who are contributing to the project
 * perhaps a section for Bugzilla end-users?

The main page should have more marketing info and less news.

I *don't* have time to do this myself.  Some ways you can help:
 * provide design input
 * provide designs (HTML mockups, etc)

I've set up a bug for this at
but I'd prefer for the discussion to remain on this list till we know where
we're going with it.
Dave Miller      Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System   

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