Test Case Manager for Bugzilla

Christian Reis kiko at async.com.br
Fri Oct 3 21:05:08 UTC 2003

On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 01:17:45PM -0500, Fuentetaja, Ed wrote:
> Asd, asd wrote:
> >I've had a look at this and it looks promising to me. 
> >You say you've updated the code for 2.16.3, but I
> >couldn't find where to download it.
> Thanks. The code is updated but I haven't prepared any
> installation patch or equivalent. I'm trying to get an
> idea of the interest for this tool, specially from the
> Bugzilla managers. I believe that it can complement
> and leverage Bugzilla really well, but I'm not sure if
> I would like to continue with this project if there is
> no such interest.

As much as we are open to new developments, we're all individuals (and
pretty busy ones as such). I've taken interest to your tool, but so far
I haven't been able to look very thoroughly at it; when I do, I'll be
writing and discussing more specific issues. I've seen Gerv's comment on
the UI, and we tend to appreciate his opinions, so I'll be looking out
for that, too.

Don't lose heart if it takes a while -- contributing to a project isn't
just donating the code -- a major part of the effort is nurturing it
until it's considered acceptable for inclusion. I rewrote one of my first
patches 13 times, even though it boosted the search.cgi JS performance
amazingly (and regressed milestone sorting, I know).

Take care,
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