Test Case Manager for Bugzilla

Fuentetaja, Ed ed.fuentetaja at ttu.edu
Fri Oct 3 18:17:45 UTC 2003

Asd, asd wrote:
>I've had a look at this and it looks promising to me. 
>You say you've updated the code for 2.16.3, but I
>couldn't find where to download it.

Thanks. The code is updated but I haven't prepared any
installation patch or equivalent. I'm trying to get an
idea of the interest for this tool, specially from the
Bugzilla managers. I believe that it can complement
and leverage Bugzilla really well, but I'm not sure if
I would like to continue with this project if there is
no such interest.

>Has anyone done anything with getting this to run over
>a 2.17.4 installation?

I'll grab the latest Bugzilla dev. version during the
weekend and try to make TestRunner work on it. I'll 
keep this list posted.



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