Bugzilla API

John P. Fisher john.fisher at znyx.com
Thu Oct 2 16:20:22 UTC 2003

Hello, I just started listening to this list, so I apologize in advance if 
I am redundant here... This solution is simple and crude, but *might* be 

If all you want to do is read information from Bugzilla, thats easy. If you 
want to build some elegant confabulation of Bugzilla and your non-perl app, 
then this post won't help.
Since I control the servers and both Bugzilla and my Tickets app at my 
company, I could do whatever I wanted. I needed to synchronize Bugzilla's 
Product-Component-Version ( + version-fixed-in ) dependencies with incoming 
trouble tickets so that Tech Support could write tickets with valid and 
up-to-date combinations of those fields. Mostly what I wanted was 
Javascript list boxes in an HTML/CGI interface.

Connecting another perl app with Bugzilla is really just a matter of 
getting inside the Bugzilla namespace. My Tickets app is written in 
perl/CGI so I added a Bugzilla.pm package in my app and another .pm inside 
Bugzilla. The Bugzilla.pm package in my app contains my Bugzilla-related 
functions and  "uses" my .pm package inside Bugzilla to get access to the 
Bugzilla namespace. The same approach could be used for a report-writer or 
other consumer of Bugzilla data. No doubt there are many more elegant 
implementations, but this took very little time and required no changes to 

Limitations: 1) perl, 2) both apps must be on same server or the app must 
have remote network access to Bugzilla directory,

Hope this is some help,
John P. Fisher
at ZNYX Networks

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