Bugzilla-Front-End Eclipse Plug-In

Marcel Schoen marcel.schoen at poweredge.ch
Thu Oct 2 09:04:48 UTC 2003


I know Bugzilla only as a user, so far. Now I'm playing with the idea of
writing a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE which would allow to access a
Bugzilla server directly and deal with the bugs from within the projects /
code. Since we are using both Bugzilla and Eclipse heavily in our company,
this would make life a lot more comfortable, potentially.

However, the major issue here for me is how to access Bugzilla. As far as
I  understand, there is not really any defined "Service API". I think I'd
just have to basically simulate a browser, sending HTTP requests, parsing
the HTML response.

Any thoughts on that? Good idea, bad idea? Alternatives? Pointers to
useful documentation?

I appreciate any input.

Marcel Schoen

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