Suggesting user names

David Miller justdave at
Thu Mar 27 18:27:23 UTC 2003

On 3/27/03 11:44 AM -0500, Chris L. Mason wrote:

> We've implemented a parameter ("suggest-users") with the following
> description:
> "This option will perform loose name matching in case a username entered
> does not match, and will provide the user with a list so that they might
> find the username they were looking for. This is disabled by default for
> security and privacy reasons."
> We have this working (in 2.16.2) and find it very useful, for example,
> when a user enters a name in the cc box or the "assigned to" box, but they
> spell it wrong.  Then they get a list of users and can back up and try
> again.

Just FYI, 2.17.1 and up already do this. :)

Although having a similar patch available for 2.16.x would probably be
enjoyed by a lot of users whose management won't let them upgrade to an
"unstable" version. :)
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