Suggesting user names

Chris L. Mason cmason at
Thu Mar 27 16:44:07 UTC 2003


We've implemented a parameter ("suggest-users") with the following

"This option will perform loose name matching in case a username entered
does not match, and will provide the user with a list so that they might
find the username they were looking for. This is disabled by default for
security and privacy reasons."

We have this working (in 2.16.2) and find it very useful, for example,
when a user enters a name in the cc box or the "assigned to" box, but they
spell it wrong.  Then they get a list of users and can back up and try

One thing I'm not happy with, however, is the method we're using to do the
pattern-matching.  If this is a patch you think would be useful, I'd like
to get your input on the best way to do pattern matching.

The goal is to have it do a good job at finding alternatives, but not
present too much of a performance penelty.  Unfortunately mysql doesn't
appear to have a SOUNDEX() SQL function, which would make this easier.

Anyway, do you think this would be a patch you'd like to import, and if
so, what sort of pattern matching would you recommend? (currently we're
just using a substring of the name entered and doing a LIKE search on
login_name and realname.)



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