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David Miller justdave at
Thu Mar 13 18:49:03 UTC 2003

On 3/13/03 10:37 AM -0800, Joseph Phillips wrote:
> 1.  Is it possible, in the latest stable bugzilla version 2.16.2, to
> delete users?  In previous versions, I had to go into the database to
> manually delete users.

There's an option in editparams.cgi to enable user deletion.  Do note that
the user delete code is not very good at cleaning up the database integrity
at the moment.  If you delete a user, you'll need to run sanitycheck.cgi
and manually clean up anything it breaks.

My personal recommendation is to edit the user and change their email
address to "deleteduserXXX at nowhere.tld" where XXX is their userID from the
database, then just make their real name be "Deleted User".

> 2.  Would it be ok to dump the database from an old bugzilla 2.14.1
> installation, and then import this database into a freshly installed
> 2.16.2 installation?

This should work fine.  Just make sure you run to upgrade the
database to the 2.16.2 format after you restore it.
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