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J. Paul Reed preed at
Sun Mar 2 19:47:25 UTC 2003

On 02 Mar 2003 at 17:53:54, Gervase Markham moved bits on my disk to say:

> As the whole custom field thing is turning into a bit of a FAQ, I wrote 
> this:
> I plan to post the URL to the newsgroup in a few days, and then use it to
> answer anyone who comes in asking about custom fields. Comments and
> suggestions on the text are welcome.

If this is going to the project's "official answer" to this feature, then I
would change the following:

Option 0: "It points out that several of the reasons often given for adding
a custom field are bogus <, including the main one: you often don't need
them. ...  or, whatever his main reason was. I haven't read that piece for
awhile >"

Option 1: "does Bugzilla already support what you want and you just need
to turn the feature on?"

Option 2: "Your organisation or project may have **inexperienced** people
filing bugs, "

You spelled organization wrong, too. ;-)

Anyway, I think it's a good document, but if we're going to point people at
it, I think it needs to be a bit... friendlier. We shouldn't act like
people are stupid for wanting custom fields, which I think some of this
text borders on (mostly what I noted in 1 and 2).

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