l10n (fr_FR) : A few strategical tips & questions...

Tobias Burnus tobias.burnus at physik.fu-berlin.de
Mon Jun 2 16:24:36 UTC 2003


On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, LAMBERT Olivier URS TOULOUSE wrote:
> * Accent : keeping utf-8 files with french writing (like "éléphant"), or
> HTML writing (like éléphant)...
> pro : utf-8 is easier to read and mantain.
> cons : I don't think that gives us a w3c compliant code...
Hmm, I have actually not completely made up my mind (for bugzilla-de) what
to use. The problem with named entities (é etc.) is that this fails
with some 'FILTER html' commands. On the other hand, deciding whether
ISO-8859-1 or UTF8 (or ISO-8859-15) is best, is not an easy one.
Fortunally recode utf8..latin1 works quite nicely. Therefore one should
probably use UTF8 (and tell them how to convert to Latin1).
Note that sidebar.xul does not allow named entities, there you _have_ to
use UTF8.

This is related to this bug:
"Allow administrator to set charset encoding for pages and email"

And to
"use CGI.pm for header output"

> * Corrections & modifications.. : What is the best way to allow other
> people to re-read my translations and, if needed, improve them ?
Create e.g. a SourceForge project.

> * Project page : isn't there a way to group this translation effort with
> other ones, so as to avoid building a new project on sourceforge (or
> savanah, or whatever you like) ?
I think it is probably better to create an extra project.

who should spendsome time to update bugzilla-de...

PS: Are you translating 2.16.x or 2.17 (there are pros and cons for doing

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