l10n (fr_FR) : A few strategical tips & questions...

LAMBERT Olivier URS TOULOUSE olivier.lambert at francetelecom.com
Mon Jun 2 16:15:17 UTC 2003

Good Monday everybody...

I had just a few questions about the best way to lead Bugzilla
localisation :

* Accent : keeping utf-8 files with french writing (like "éléphant"), or
HTML writing (like éléphant)...
pro : utf-8 is easier to read and mantain.
cons : I don't think that gives us a w3c compliant code...

* Corrections & modifications.. : What is the best way to allow other
people to re-read my translations and, if needed, improve them ?

* Project page : isn't there a way to group this translation effort with
other ones, so as to avoid building a new project on sourceforge (or
savanah, or whatever you like) ?

I hope i won't upset anybody with my heretic questions... :)


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