Implementation of Custom Fields in Bugzilla Error- editing Custom

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Jan 23 23:05:15 UTC 2003

usmle Prep wrote:
> I installed 2.16.2 on Red Hat Linux 8 but couldn't
> find any scripts related to Custom Field
> implementation like editcustomfileds.cgi and so on.Is
> there a document on how to implement this?

No. Custom fields are not supported by Bugzilla.

> On our production environment it was already
> implemented I don't know how 

Presumably the admin applied the patch for custom fields - it's in one 
of the Bugzilla bugs.

I'm afraid that it's unlikely that anyone will be able to help you. Not 
many people are familiar with this patch. If you look in the Bugzilla 
bug, you might find someone to email.


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