Casey Gregoire caseyg at chsamerica.com
Mon Jan 20 12:40:36 UTC 2003

That is what i ended up doing. Using the Perl 5.6.1 from CPAN worked fine.
It messed up my installation of Apache to upgrade perl for some reason. I am
not sure if that was my fault or not. But it is working fine now. I am
wondering what function in ActiveState Perl would allow the everything to
work EXCEPT the password checking in Bugzilla. Any how, thanks for the
reply, its all working fine now.

Thank you,
   Casey Gregoire.

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On 1/14/03 9:55 PM +0000, Gervase Markham wrote:

> Casey Gregoire wrote:
>> I have this problem. I just got bugzilla working on my linux 7.1 box. but
>> when you go to login if you enter a valid username, and leave the
>> field empty it will log you in as that user. but if you type any text, it
>> will not work unless that test is the password that IS assigned to the
> (Fortunately) this doesn't happen for me - because if it did, we'd have
> a bit of a crisis. I have no idea why it's happening for you, but would
> be eager to find out.
> Exactly which version of Bugzilla are you using?
> Does it happen for every account on the system?
> Are you using the emailsuffix param?
> This conversation should really take place in a bug. Please file one and
> CC me, and I will make it confidential just in case this is a security
> problem.

There's already a bug for this, filed by Casey on the 15th. :)

Last I heard he was on RedHat 7.1 running ActiveState Perl...  which threw
most of us because we'd never seen ActiveState on Linux :)  Last action on
the bug I believe was he was trying to install an official RedHat
distribution of Perl to see if that fixed it.
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