mysql version dependencies?

Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Fri Jan 10 18:30:32 UTC 2003


   We have a report that implies that there is a bug in mysql that 
manifests itself with 2.17, but it is not yet confirmed.  The symptom 
would be that users who are neither the reporter, assignee, or CC'd 
cannot see bugs that are not restricted to any groups at all.  

    I had no problem with mysqld (the server) 3.23.41.   Richard had 
problems with 3.23.39-nt that went away when he updated to 3.23.54-nt.

    Does anyone out there run 3.23.39?   Also, please respond to this by 
identifying the mysqld versions you are using with 2.17 and if 
everything is working.  Thanks.


excerpt from Richard's posting.....

    Many thanks for your help with this. I was running mysql 3.23.39-nt.
    I have
    now upgraded to 3.23.54-nt and the original query works. So I think
    it was
    an obscure mysql error as you suggest.

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