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Jussi Sirpoma jussi at
Thu Feb 13 12:00:14 UTC 2003

On 12.2.2003 10:46 Gervase Markham spoke:

> During the post-talk discussion, there was a lot of support for a 
> "simpler" query page - not as simple as the simple search, but more 
> complex than the one-liner on the guided bug reporting form. This could 
> be b.m.o.-specific, or it could be general. There was also support for 

I would like to see this kind of a simpler query page also. It would 
help people who are just getting familiar with bz and I think it would 
be usefull in the public bz distribution.

It could contain for example the following fields from the query page:
- Summary
- Product
- Comment
- Some predefined status/resolution sets
- Some way to restrict the query with time

Jussi Sirpoma

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