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Jonathan Schatz jon at
Wed Feb 12 20:30:50 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 01:24, Bradley Baetz wrote:
> Daniel Berlin apparently has something which parses gnats mail. I don't
> know how 'nice' the gnats api is, though, so it may not be appropriate
> for our needs. Its also possible to do a lot more in bugzilla than it is
> in gnats (or debbugs). OTOH, if debian developers can do what they
> currently do via mail, then they can use the web inerface for other
> stuff.


i don't think there's a gnats api, per se. 

we're moving from gnats to bugzilla right now. i've got a good bit of
gnats parsing code. what the debian folks probably want is an equivalent
to send-pr (iirc, openbsd uses this too), so that folks can file bugs
remotely without having to understand the gnats/bugzilla web interface
(or without having a working network connection, since mail will just
queue locally when there's no active connection to the rest of the

this is something i've been working on here for our remote sales
engineers. the authentication problem is an issue (since email can be
forged relatively easily). 


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