odd db error message

Jonathan Schatz jon at vmware.com
Wed Feb 12 00:47:44 UTC 2003

sometime in the past 2 weeks a cvs update caused the following error to
start showing up in my error_log:

[Tue Feb 11 16:20:30 2003] [error] [client] [Tue Feb 11
16:20:30 2003] editopsys.cgi: DBI::db=HASH(0x864e8b8)->disconnect
invalidates 1 active statement handle (either destroy statement handles
or call finish on them before disconnecting) at Bugzilla.pm line 98.,
referer: http://jonschatz-lx/editopsys.cgi

any ideas?


Jonathan Schatz
Engineering System Administrator
VMware, Inc
"Te occidere possunt sed te edere non possunt nefas est."

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