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MattyT mattyt-spam at
Fri Dec 19 10:16:20 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-12-19 at 16:41, David Miller wrote:

> although we do still have backward compatibility
> hacks in place to allow things like %::FORM and %::COOKIE to still work
> until someone gets around to replacing them all (which will have to happen
> before we can support mod_perl).  There are a few exceptions, like setting
> cookies.  We have convenience functions in Bugzilla::CGI which cache your
> cookies so you don't have to remember to pass them to header() for example.

OK, it's probably worthwhile tutorialising these APIs somewhere online,
but I probably can't be bothered until it's mod_perl and

Everything else here is dealt with on my HDD I think.

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