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David Miller justdave at
Fri Dec 19 06:46:21 UTC 2003

On 12/13/2003 8:44 PM +1030, MattyT wrote:

> What needs to be done to not break mod_perl?

Follow the mod_perl programming guides on :)

Seriously, there's a lot to consider to try to explain it in our guide.
The big things though, are to avoid global variables anywhere, and avoid
using variables that were created outside the scope of your current sub in
CGI files.  (It works fine in the .pm files, but in the CGIs it'll choke
bigtime because of the way mod_perl dynamically loads the files - see bug
173629 for the details on that one)

> Some high level documentation about the new modules, especially how the
> new DB stuff replaces the old stuff.

Not all the modules have documentation in them yet.  If you click on a pm
file and get no output, that's why.  Most of the newer ones have pretty
decent docs in them.

> Module conventions?  Module naming?  File naming?  Paths?

Existing docs still apply for this.  (There's docs somewhere, if they're
not already in the guide, I've seen them)

> Does the use of OO in the new modules warrant any style conventions
> being added?

More than likely.  bbaetz would be the best person to answer that probably.

> Are we using exceptions yet?


> Are we using placeholders yet?  If so, any restrictions?  If not, why
> not?

We're planning to.  We are in a few places.  It's strongly recommended to
whenever possible. :)  It breaks things on inserts where we need to
retrieve the new key that was generated on Sybase, but oh well.  Sybase has
a somewhat stupid implementation of placeholders.  But folks who really
want it reliable on Sybase will just have to work out their own problems.
:)  (I can document some of it for them once we get it to the point it'll
be easy to modify things - Bugzilla will never run Sybase out of the box
for that and a couple other reasons, but we can certainly get the Sybase
support in the app to the point where the modifications needed are minimal).

> Is $vars still in use?  Any changes?

Yes.  No.

> More comments on performance?  What to avoid?  use diagnostics ->
> warnings?

ALWAYS use -w.  Don't |use diagnostics|.  You can look up the error codes
in the man page if you care about the long-winded paragraphs, and it has a
substantial negative affect on compile time.

> Are we using any email templates yet?

There are a couple.  Not all of them are yet.
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