Please Help : Developers' Guide Update

Jouni Heikniemi jth at
Wed Dec 17 07:08:24 UTC 2003

At 14:49 17.12.2003 +1030, you wrote:
>I need some more details with this.  What is the proper way of doing OS

if ($^O ~= /MSWin/)

>  What is the proper way of distinguishing ActiveState and

if ($^O ~= /cygwin/)

"MSWin" is returned by Activestate, Cygwin returns "cygwin". So far we 
haven't had the need to check for cygwin anywhere; all the Win32 checks 
have been made for Activestate.

Also see bug 224588; I'm going to unify this stuff someday.

 > - Template naming (see discussion a few weeks ago on reviewers@). The
> >   current text on this is fairly close to the consensus reached, though.
>I caught up by using my eyes a bit and the delete key a lot.  Could
>someone please tell me, what, if anything needs to be changed here.

Myk summarized it by the following:

- multiple related templates grouped together in a subdirectory;
- template names non-redundant with the subdirectory name;
- multiple words separated by dashes;
- names indicating action in verb-noun form;
- consistent with other template names or inconsistent for good reason.

... which was fairly well accepted. You can check out the list archive if 
you need more details.


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