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MattyT mattyt-spam at
Wed Dec 17 04:19:32 UTC 2003

On Sun, 2003-12-14 at 08:01, Jouni Heikniemi wrote:

>    Most of the time, it suffices when you think these things through
>    and, if necessary, add OS checks to bypass Unix-only code. I'll
>    assist in coming up with Win32 alternatives when necessary.

I need some more details with this.  What is the proper way of doing OS
checks?  What is the proper way of distinguishing ActiveState and

>> Brief description about the mailing lists ... etiquette?
> Shouldn't this be on the discussion page instead of dev guide?

This was referring more to developer specific etiquette.

> A couple of other points worth mentioning, although I'm not the resident
> guru on these:
> - Template naming (see discussion a few weeks ago on reviewers@). The
>   current text on this is fairly close to the consensus reached, though.

I caught up by using my eyes a bit and the delete key a lot.  Could
someone please tell me, what, if anything needs to be changed here.

> - Using (see bug 225703 comments 19-21)

I will add this under a new section about the filter tests.

> - Maintaining customizable terms: We now have "[% terms.Bug %] instead of
>   "Bug" and so on. Discuss the reasons and best practices.

I already have something along these lines locally, as I've already been
through the test suite.
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