Bug 69654

Cory 'G' Watson gphat at loggerithim.org
Mon Dec 8 13:34:21 UTC 2003

On Dec 8, 2003, at 2:02 AM, Jouni Heikniemi wrote:
> The version text is not semantically a fourth-level heading, even if 
> h4's default rendering happened to match with what we want. We can 
> specify font sizes without Hx elements, even if our main principle is 
> to refrain from messing with font size settings.

Ok.  Then how about we use my current patch on this bug?  It's got:

<h1>This is BZ...
<h2 id="version">BZ Ver...
<table id="heading">
   <td id="sub...
   <td id="subsub...

Our <h1> is the bz header text (or image in the future), <h2> is the 
version (which doesn't to be id'ed, we can just lessen the font size of 
<h2>, and an id'ed table (for width) with an <h3> (which is just bigger 
and bolder enough to get what we want, IMHO) and 2 cells for sub and 

This arrangement of header is flexible enough to allow us to exchange 
that table/td arrangement for a div/span or something similar in the 
future, if we desire.  This is already a nice improvement over the 
existing nested tables.

Cory 'G' Watson

"The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment 
an incredible miracle." - Dr. John Paul Stapp

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