Bug 69654

Colin Bendell cbendell at point2.com
Mon Dec 8 06:14:52 UTC 2003

Just to throw my two cents in here: If you're interested to see what
real css can do, check out http://www.csszengarden.com/ (I'd also
recommend checking out the resources section in the above url.)


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i'm happy that bugzilla is adding CSS support.  it'll make 
customization to corporate colours much easier.  heck, you can even 
client side change the style sheet on the fly, so we can have a "print 
me" button at the top which load a plain, small font, tree wasting css 

CSS will also allow for future fun, like hidden HTML (which will be 
non-hidden on NS4 and lynx automatically).  we can hide all of the 
advanced options on the search page and the user clicks on "advanced" 
and they magically appear.  all slick, easily implemented, enterprise 
desired beautiful functions.

I suggest a quick glance at 
http://www.alistapart.com/articles/slashdot/ .  This was somebody's 
attempt at removing all of the customized hacky HTML 3.2 code from a 
slashcode page and replacing it with a fully CSS aware page which looks 
exactly the same.  The author remove most of the tables - even using 
<li> instead in places that i would have never thought, like the header 
of images.  He also gives a walk though of how he did it all of it, 
with the interim web pages.  It'd be an excellent skim if you're leery 
of changing the bugzilla pages and might help us avoid pitfalls that he 

there is also a nice side effect to using CSS - lower bandwidth.  in 
the slashdot example, it was 9k per page request.  i don't know what 
b.m.o's costs are per month, but that might help push for a CSS change.


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