Operating System database field

Neil Griffiths ngriffiths at climax.co.uk
Fri Aug 8 12:07:51 UTC 2003


>  Stop hacking the database and the source and RTFM.  Delete localconfig,
> grab a clean copy of the source.  If you haven't started hacking the
> database, you wont have to delete that.

I haven't hacked the database, I have only altered scripts. I have RTFM'd,
if you can point out where in the docs it tells me that altering localconfig
and re-running ./checksetup.pl doesn't make a difference then I'd be happy
to apologise. ;)

>  When you run checksetup, it will initially populate localconfig. Then,
> without touching checksetup, modify localconfig to have the right values
> and rerun checksetup.

Yeah, except it doesn't work. ;)

I'll try again from scratch though, just to see, but something certainly
isn't right!

Kind regards,

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