Operating System database field

Joel Peshkin bugreport at peshkin.net
Fri Aug 8 11:57:23 UTC 2003

Neil Griffiths wrote:

> <snip>
> I then re-ran ./checksetup.pl and it still looked the same. Then I 
> dropped
> the table and re-ran ./checksetup.pl again. It STILL shows the default 
> data!
> I'm confused as to why...
> I'll have a go at editing the SQL data directly as suggested by Mark. Can
> anybody tell me in which particular table I will find the op_sys field so
> that I can try editing it directly?
> <snip>

 Stop hacking the database and the source and RTFM.  Delete localconfig, 
grab a clean copy of the source.  If you haven't started hacking the 
database, you wont have to delete that.

 When you run checksetup, it will initially populate localconfig. Then, 
without touching checksetup, modify localconfig to have the right values 
and rerun checksetup.


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