Net::LDAP & Groups

Bennett, Paul Paul_Bennett at
Mon Apr 28 18:19:44 UTC 2003

Thanks Gerv,

I think I screwed up the admin user def when I installed.  A re-install
cured it.

Thanks again,


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Bennett, Paul wrote:
> I just set up Bugzilla v2.16.2 and revamped the code in to use
> Net::LDAP to hit an OpenLDAP server.  It works pretty good, but I'm having
> troubles with the UserInGroup().  In particular the tweakparams &
> creategroups groups although there may be other groups.  Using mysql
> commands, I can see that my user is in userregexp field of the groups
> and the isactive bit is set.  Also my user matches the one displayed at
> bottom right.  Even if I put ".*" in the User RegExp field it doesn't
> access.  But it works going to the editusers.cgi.

The UserRegexp field in 2.16.2 applies only at account creation time. 
You need to add your users to tweakparams manually.


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