How to debug Bugzilla code

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Tue Apr 15 21:07:47 UTC 2003


I am a new user of Bugzilla. I am using Bugzilla 2.16.1.
It's running on RedHat Linux 7.1.
I am trying to make changes in the processmail, process_bug.cgi, 
show_bug.cgi & template files.
How do I debug my changes ?

Looking forward to hearing from you all.


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> Jason Corbett wrote:
> > Thanks for the hints.  Gervase Markham mentioned:
> >
> > It depends what you mean by an XML-RPC interface. Even 
> today, you can 
> > send HTTP GET requests to Bugzilla to make it do things, 
> and often get 
> > the results (e.g. of buglists, or bugs) back as XML.
> >
> > Is this documented anywhere?  I saw the xml.cgi, and it 
> looks like a 
> > good interface to get
> > a single bug in xml, but how would you get a list / query 
> in xml.  And 
> > is there any way to get
> > a list of the different parameters, etc.  I once wrote a 
> program that 
> > logged into bugzilla, so
> > I'm pretty sure that I could write an interface that can submit the 
> > correct values, but is
> > there any way to get the results in a non-html format?  
> xml.cgi should 
> > work for a single bug,
> > but how about doing queries?  If you do have these things, 
> this is all 
> > I would need.  I could
> > write a simple Java library to access a remote bugzilla server.
> Any query to buglist.cgi can return data in content types other than 
> HTML.  Bugzilla natively supports RDF (an XML language), CSV, and 
> JavaScript (the latter just went in recently), and you can 
> add support 
> for additional content types by creating a file that 
> generates that type 
> and dropping it into template/en/default/list/ with the name 
> list.EXT.tmpl, where EXT is the customary filename suffix for 
> files of 
> that type (f.e. for RDF it's "rdf").  Then, make sure your 
> localconfig 
> file has a filename suffix -> content type mapping for that type, and 
> add "&ctype=EXT" to a query string to get results back in that type.
> At some point perhaps this should be encapsulated into a web 
> service.  
> As things are going now I suspect that probably will be SOAP 
> and/or XML 
> over HTTP more than XML-RPC.
> -myk
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