getting MySQL AB using Bugzilla

Gervase Markham gerv at
Fri Apr 18 17:10:51 UTC 2003

J. Paul Reed wrote:
>>When do you think you can manage? :-)
> Two months. 

18th of June, then.

> I talked to justdave on IRC this morning and he said that such an estimate
> is mostly compatible with how long 2.18 is *likely* to take in real time to
> get out ("probably 3 to 4 months yet though", with the admission that it
> could be sooner).

Perhaps we should have that discussion. I expected us to release 2.17.4, 
whenever that happens, fix the obvious bugs in that, and call it 2.18. 
We've done enough already that it's worth another stable release.

> So, such an estimate should be fine, I think. The fact that it's "by far
> the #1 support request" is irrelevant; most people aren't going to upgrade
> until there's a new stable release anyway, 

Actually, it seems that quite a few people in the newsgroup are using 
2.17.3 - another sign that we should do a stable release soon.


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