Jason Corbett jcorbett at
Wed Apr 16 17:36:05 UTC 2003

   Thanks for all the responses.  I won't pretend to know which 
interface is the correct one for the buglist and showbug parts.  I can 
see some disagreement, and point of views on both sides.  Good luck 
trying to figure it out.

   The main point I would like to focus on is being able to use a common 
parser framework for the automated client.  It makes integration much 
more difficult if for every contact with bugzilla I have to use a 
different parsing framework / different way of getting the information.

   So since the first bit of information was to write the xml one for 
buglist, that's what I've done.  I've attached it here.  It is basically 
just a copy of the showbug xml template, but with using the columns 
instead.  I realize you may want to use rdf as the common, and I'll work 
on a rdf for showbug.

   There is probably alot of template code that won't ever be reached, 
and feal free to remove it.  I did this quickly so I didn't make it 
perfect, but it did seem to work on my system.

Jason Corbett

Jason Corbett

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