Rewriting improved gnats converter

Jonathan Schatz jon at
Mon Apr 14 21:25:34 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-04-14 at 13:56, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> > i'm incredibly interested. here, my code takes ~2 hours to import a
> > 25000 pr gnats db into bugzilla.
> This is not uncommon for the current-in-contrib 

i actually wrote the code from scratch. our gnats installation is hacked
up beyond belief, and nothing stock would work with it.

> I should have a version to post to (I believe there
> is a bug for a very old version of my improved script on
>, which i'll just attach the python one to)


> > granted, there is a lot of processing that happens, and we're not doing
> > anything remotely close to a 1:1 mapping between the gnats + bugzilla
> > schemas, but still.
> >
> We don't either.

i profiled my code with dprof, and it didn't tell me anything i didn't
know (ie, 95% of cpu time was spent in
VMware::Gnats->convert_pr_to_bugzilla). i think most of the slowness
comes from reading gnats pr's off of a nfs mounted hd.

anyway, i'd love to glance through your code, although the chance of
rewriting mine right before launch is pretty slim :-)

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