Rewriting improved gnats converter

Daniel Berlin dberlin at
Mon Apr 14 20:56:17 UTC 2003

On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, Jonathan Schatz wrote:

> On Sat, 2003-04-12 at 11:31, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> > The whole 600 meg, 10000 PR gnats db takes 3 minutes to convert with
> > the python script.
> > If anyone wants the WIP, let me know.
> i'm incredibly interested. here, my code takes ~2 hours to import a
> 25000 pr gnats db into bugzilla.

This is not uncommon for the current-in-contrib The
interesting  part being, of course, that what i use (my rewrite+additions of and am rewriting in python, does so much more than
the included script, so much faster.
What you see at, including attachments,
seperated comments from followup emails, duplicate marking, bug activity,
keywords, etc, are all a result of the converter script, not human

I should have a version to post to (I believe there
is a bug for a very old version of my improved script on, which i'll just attach the python one to)
> granted, there is a lot of processing that happens, and we're not doing
> anything remotely close to a 1:1 mapping between the gnats + bugzilla
> schemas, but still.
We don't either.


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