MySQL 4.0

Myk Melez myk at
Tue Apr 8 17:25:18 UTC 2003

Jason Pyeron wrote:

>release 4.0.12 (15 Mar 2003: Production) 
>I think it should be waited until September 15 before any changes are 
>introduced into bugzilla which would force My-SQL v4 usage.
>I know they have had v4 in beta/alpha for a while, but many people have 
>been wary about installing it on their servers, since it was not stamped 
>production. Now that it has been stamped, and many will be using it, let 
>them fix their bugs which will be found. We will be upgrading to it in May 
>if it does not have any major issues on Slashdot, which are not fixed.
>remember there are a lot of "gotchas" in v4
Are there?  I just read through the list for the second time, and I 
still haven't found anything that looks like it affects Bugzilla.  I do 
agree that more bugs will be found now that it's in production, 
however.  I found one myself the other day after upgrading a b.m.o 
mirror from 3.32.54 to 4.0.12 while leaving b.m.o at 3.23.44:

In fairness, the MySQL manual does say, "With regard to version 4.0, we 
recommend using same version on both sides," although it isn't clear if 
they are discouraging 3.23.x <-> 4.0.x replication or just 4.0.x <-> 
4.0.y replication.


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