MySQL 4.0

Jason Pyeron jason at
Tue Apr 8 15:58:27 UTC 2003

release 4.0.12 (15 Mar 2003: Production) 

I think it should be waited until September 15 before any changes are 
introduced into bugzilla which would force My-SQL v4 usage.

I know they have had v4 in beta/alpha for a while, but many people have 
been wary about installing it on their servers, since it was not stamped 
production. Now that it has been stamped, and many will be using it, let 
them fix their bugs which will be found. We will be upgrading to it in May 
if it does not have any major issues on Slashdot, which are not fixed.

remember there are a lot of "gotchas" in v4

Jason Pyeron

On Tue, 8 Apr 2003, Joel Peshkin wrote:

I see that MySQL 4.0 is now in "production" and supports a number of the 
features whose absence complicates our lives.
(Foreign keys, Transactions -- sorry, no subselects)

Has anyone properly investigated this?


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