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Myk Melez myk at
Sat Sep 28 18:28:30 UTC 2002

Bradley Baetz wrote:

>product views could just be treated as a 'format', or something.
But remember that user views intersect with product views, creating 
potentially XxY formats.  I think we need a more sophisticated approach, 
like perhaps product-specific and user-specific lists of fields to 
display along, the union of which comprises the fields we want on the 
form, along with some means of choosing from several different basic 
layouts (maybe this can be made role-specific).

>>Sybase Support
>At the moment, the answer is 'with great difficultly'. Thats not going to 
>change for a while, though.
Would we take a hacky implementation (f.e. branching conditionals around 
database-specific queries) in the meantime?

>>Third Level of Categorization (sub-component)
>If someone can come up with a UI, I'd prefer 'infinite level'. Since all 
>components are unique ids anyway, if you kow the component, then you know 
>the component's parent, and so on.
I thought so too at one point.  Now I'm not so sure, since the 
implementation complexity of n-level systems increases greatly, while 
the utility of fourth and subsequent levels drops at the same high rate.

>>Reopened Count
>Eww. Why?
Presumably they have some problem with regressions they want to get a 
handle on.


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