corporate win--their requirements

Bradley Baetz bbaetz at
Sat Sep 28 01:26:13 UTC 2002

On Fri, 27 Sep 2002, Myk Melez wrote:

> Product and User Views
> Different products may have different bug tracking needs, especially 
> when they are being worked on by separate teams, so it should be 
> possible to customize the "enter bug" and "show bug" UIs (showing/hiding 
> various fields) based on the product to which a bug belongs.  Different 
> types of users (development, QA, project management, etc.) also have 
> very different needs and interests, so it should be possible to 
> customize the UIs for each of these groups.

product views could just be treated as a 'format', or something.

> Sybase Support
> Bugzilla should support Sybase.  Zippy has already done most of the work 
> for this, although maybe in a hacky fashion.  We should have a clear 
> idea about how customers should add multi-database support so people 
> don't waste their time and ours doing it the wrong way.

At the moment, the answer is 'with great difficultly'. Thats not going to 
change for a while, though.

> Third Level of Categorization (sub-component)
> It would be useful to have a third level of categorization in addition 
> to product and component.

If someone can come up with a UI, I'd prefer 'infinite level'. Since all 
components are unique ids anyway, if you kow the component, then you know 
the component's parent, and so on.

> Reopened Count
> It would be useful to know how many times a bug has been reopened 
> without having to count rows on the bug activity page.  This could 
> appear right next to the status of reopened bugs.

Eww. Why?

> Time Zone-sensitive Date/Time Display
> Dates and times should be displayed in the user's time zone, not the 
> server's time zone.

That requires knowing hte user's timezeon, but yeah, I'd like that.

> Entry of International Data
> It should be possible to enter non-ASCII data into Bugzilla.

Well, thats easy, we can do that now. IF you meant that you want to be 
able to read the results.....

This really means for them perl 5.8, and for us adding hooks, probably
meaning that the minimum requirement will end up being perl 5.6.

> System Configuration Fields
> There should be fields in Bugzilla for more specifically identifying 
> reporters' system configurations (CPU, memory, etc.).

That should just be another custom field, I think.


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