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Matthew P. Barnson mbarnson at
Wed Sep 18 20:17:15 UTC 2002

Gervase Markham wrote:

> Do we have the ability to generate PS or PDF versions of the Bugzilla 
> Guide? The implies so, but gives no commands, and my 
> guessing hasn't worked.
> Gerv

  There is no direct conversion for Docbook XML to PS/PDF.  However, 
there are several indirect ways to approach this problem:

1.  Use a tool such as "HTMLDOC" to convert to PDF after rendering to HTML
2.  Use "a2ps", another common utility, to convert to postscript from 
the text version of the Guide created by Lynx.  Warning, though, this 
results in very ugly, plain-text-ish output.  Lots of different options 
for the conversion, though.  a2ps is an invaluable utility.
3.  Load the HTML Guide up in Mozilla on a GNU/Linux machine, and print 
it to a file.  The file will be .ps, which you can then use ps2pdf on to 
create PDF.

  Option 3 is the easiest, and the one I use when I want a PDF most 
times.  I'm not terrifically familiar with HTMLDOC, nor other html to ps 
conversion tools.  The unfortunate thing is that it's not necessarily a 
portable option for PS or PDF creation.  The nice thing is, though, on a 
GNU/Linux system, all you need is Mozilla & Ghostscript and you are in 
business.  The ghostscript package on my Redhat 7.3 system at work is 
labelled "ghostscript-6.52-8".

  Hope that helps, Gerv!  After a lot of thinking, batting the idea 
around, and saying I want to do more and then not doing it, I'm pretty 
certain I won't be much into Bugzilla again until/unless I'm using it in 
a corporate setting, but I'm always happy to help :)  Emails to 
"matthew at" will be promptly answered!

--Matt Barnson

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