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Matthew P. Barnson mbarnson at
Wed Sep 18 20:31:30 UTC 2002

Gervase Markham wrote:

> Do we have the ability to generate PS or PDF versions of the Bugzilla 
> Guide? The implies so, but gives no commands, and my 
> guessing hasn't worked.

Sorry to reply twice.  The main reason for writing the Guide in Docbook 
XML in the first reason was so that it could be included in the Linux 
Documentation Project.  I figured (and still do) that if a project is on 
the Linuxdoc Guides or Howtos list, you'll get wider dissemination and 
awareness of the project.  Anyway, my process for making a file into 
ps/pdf using mozilla + ps2pdf is flawed.  The table of contents, index, 
and glossary won't match the page numbers, although the formatting would 
otherwise be OK  Here's the real solution, available at linuxdoc:

Down at the bottom of the page, it goes into a little bit of detail on 
how they do it at Linuxdoc.  It appears they use a combination of  a 
custom script, ldp_print, plus the htmldoc utility I mentioned in the 
previous message.  The heading of the passage is "PDF/Postscript Output".

At the very least, that's the "official" way Linuxdoc updates it. 
 Alternatively, you can get an updated version by submitting the updated 
Guide to LDP, and they'll do it for you.  Don't try to use their email 
gateway on The Bugzilla Guide, though, it chokes on the multiple file input.


--Matt Barnson

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