2.18 Goals

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Sep 13 17:58:09 UTC 2002

>>That's not actually true - it'll store query URLs, which will still use 
>>the resolution name (like query URLs involving products still use the 
>>product name.) We can get this in before custres.
> Then I'm not sure why you said you could resolve the renaming problem. 

Renaming problem?

> Sure, we could handle query URLs, but current custres doesn't do this
> for stored queries for example.  Query URLs are a dead end that we
> should be expunging from the code base, not adding to.  But I suppose it
> is OK as a transitional thing.  It renews my enthusiasm for
> rearchitecting query URLs, however.

Query URLs could start containing IDs instead of names, if that would 
help. But I don't know why you want them expunged - they certainly 
aren't going away, because they are far too useful for users (bookmarks, 
emails etc.)

>>MISSING? And what's the difference between NOTWORTHIT and CAREFACTORZERO?
> MISSING means the URL referenced is 404 or such.  Perhaps it should

That's a bit specific; a lot of installations don't have a URL field at 
all. I'd question whether it needs to be part of the default set.

> NOTWORTHIT is for rejecting RFEs in non-OSS projects.  CAREFACTORZERO is
> more of a plain insult.

This is rather a fine distinction. Can't we find a non-insulting name 
which covers both for the default set?


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