2.18 Goals

Andreas Franke afranke at ags.uni-sb.de
Thu Sep 12 15:54:37 UTC 2002

> This also possibly cannot be checked in before quicksearch is rewritten
> in perl, because the current quicksearch uses a hardcoded file called
> localconfig.js which the admin needs to update manually (but this is
> possibly not a problem because there is currently the same issue with
> keyword renaming I believe).


>> Well, we could just have the js not do validation....

> I believe the problem isn't validation, it's taking a piece of text and
> understanding what field it's from.  I could be wrong, however.

You're right, that's the problem. But I don't think that the quicksearch 
rewrite should hold up anything; IMO we can afford to require admins who 
want quicksearch to work on their installation to manually update their
localconfig.js . Of course, it would be nice if someone with perl 
knowledge could review the patch at http://mozilla.flowerday.cx ,
see bug 70907 comment #27 and #28 . The code has been there for quite 
a while. Since it's not an attachment, I'm not sure how to
request review for it with the request tracker... ;-)

Great to see the planning for 2.18. 


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