Exception modules?

PFC Steenhagen, Jacob jacob.steenhagen at us.army.mil
Tue Sep 3 15:56:49 UTC 2002

Bradley Baetz wrote:

>Anyone know a good exception-style module for perl, which we can use in 
>As more stuff moves to modules which may be resued from non-CGI scripts,
>we really should have a way of reporting errors apart from using die.
>There are a few on CPAN, none of which look like they've been updated in a 
>while, though.
>(Error.pm, Exception.pm are the main ones)

Perhaps we should write our own Bugzilla::Error module.  I think that 
would provide us the ability to better respond to error messages a 
pre-packaged system as I doubt there are any pre-packaged systems 
designed to handle CGI, e-mail, and the Template Toolkit, and our i18n 
scheme (along w/whatever else we throw out there).


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