Exception modules?

Bradley Baetz bbaetz at student.usyd.edu.au
Mon Sep 2 00:34:29 UTC 2002

On Sun, 1 Sep 2002, Gervase Markham wrote:

> Bradley Baetz wrote:
> > Anyone know a good exception-style module for perl, which we can use in 
> > bugzilla?
> > 
> > As more stuff moves to modules which may be resued from non-CGI scripts,
> > we really should have a way of reporting errors apart from using die.
> Can't we redefine the *Error functions in non-CGI scripts to do 
> something appropriate?

Not really... Note that some of the stuf is wrong. For example, if the 
mail temptlaes fail, we don't really want to stop in the middle with 
throwtemplateerror (like we currently do), we want to keep going.

Exceptions are 'nicer' that way, in that we can catch template errors, 
while letting DB errors lead to a script exit.


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